Residential Home Elevators

  • Starting at $12,995 plus Installation

  • No Annual Inspection or Maintenance Required

  • 国产精品高清视频在线Fits a Standard Wheelchair and another Person

  • 3’x4’ cab fits most homes (Retrofit or New Construction)


REMI is the leading manufacturer of home elevators. With more than 40 years of combined home elevator experience in both the commercial and residential elevator industries, REMI Home Elevators makes installing and owning a residential elevator easy and affordaable.

How It Works

The REMI Home Elevator functions like a sophisticated forklift. Learn how the REMI elevator is simple, safe, and reliable:

Over 3000 Installed

With over 40 years combined residential elevator experience, REMI has installed thousands of elevators across the country:

Our Customers

国产精品高清视频在线“My wife and I would recommend REMI Home Elevators to anyone wanting a quality, carefree elevator.” -J.H.


Stay In Your Home

No Need to Move! A REMI residential elevator can be installed in your existing home for about the same amount as closing costs and moving to a new home.

Peace of Mind

Remi offers Peace of mind: We provide a referral network of elevator inspectors throughout the United States who can independently inspect the installation of your home elevator.

Expert Help the Whole Way

国产精品高清视频在线Our Sales and Technical Specialists work with you to guide you in determining the right residential home elevator to meet your needs. Our guided sales process will help to eliminate any mistakes during the ordering and installation process, which in turn can save you thousands of dollars.

We Work At Your Pace

国产精品高清视频在线We manufacture your home elevator to your specifications and ship it to your home within weeks.

See What Our Customers are Saying:

When I was building a new home I contacted REMI representatives, as well as looked at many other options. The REMI elevator unit I chose turned out to be a no-frills, practical solution, with the least amount of maintenance and a reasonable price.
— F.W., Georgia
We had REMI Install our home elevator. We were very impressed with the price and quality of the elevator we received. We have already had it for 8 months now without any issue.
— A.R., Florida
Our elevator has been in for a year now and we are very pleased with the performance. My wife has multiple sclerosis and cannot do stairs so we needed an elevator. I searched the Internet and REMI made the most sense to us.
— T.H., New York
Our experience with REMI Home Elevator was very good. We found the installers particularly hard working and resourceful and would recommend REMI to other folks doing a home installation.
— R.W., Maryland

More REMI Home Mobility Solutions

Shaftless Elevator

  • Small Footprint

  • Minimal Construction

  • 国产精品高清视频在线No Shaft or Special Wiring

Vertical Platform Lift

  • Weather Proof

  • 国产精品高清视频在线Great for Decks or Garage Steps

  • Battery Backup